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   We understand a proper Setup is the key to a Beautiful Building, and best way to Protect it from water intrusion and structural damage.

  • Proper Level of Building with a Coded Foundation

  • Allow no more than 1/2" opening at the Mate Line

  • Lag MateLine of Buildings as specified by manufacturer and Installation Code

  • Anchor to State Code

  • Properly insulate with Foam and Seal the MateLine

  • Adjust Interior/Exterior as needed and Trim Out

  • Install MateLine Flooring Ceiling and Finishes

  • Make sure we Clean Up so building is nice and clean when customer gets it.

   Just like a setup, a proper Tear Down helps prevent damage and save future costs. So at JC Modular our biggest concern is doing everything properly and safely to protect our crew and the building. Once Separated we stage them, and verify that they are ready for transport.

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